Our company

The company was founded in 1996 with the name of Officina Regina; it was established by Roberto Cavani and Barbara Annovi exploiting Roberto’s 15 years of ongoing experience in the ceramics industry.

At the beginning, Officina Regina launched itself on the market as a manufacturer of various types of tile moulding punches, but over the years it was able to produce parts for other sectors too, such as: food, aeronautics, and finally to what today can be indicated as the reference sector, namely Automotive.

Having always used cutting edge technology, equipment and machinery, it has been possible to seize the opportunities that have arisen from time to time, thereby gaining experience with increasingly varied and complex shapes, tolerances and materials, and thus becoming part of everyday life. In 2012 Officina Regina changed its name to Regina Technology, while continuing to work more and more actively in the Automotive industry, yet never forgetting its origins.

Following the world of racing, Regina Technology has also had to learn to race, making the most of its human and technological resources. Today, it is able to quickly manufacture a part machined from solid and fulfil the most demanding deadlines, without ever losing sight of the precision and quality of the product.