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Regina Technology from 1996 milling services

The company was founded in 1996 with the name of Officina Regina; it was established by Roberto Cavani and Barbara Annovi exploiting Roberto’s 15 years of ongoing experience in the ceramics industry. First Officina Regina introduced itself on the market as a producer of various types of buffers for molding tiles, but over time it managed to create parts also linked to other industries like: food, aeronautics, up to the one that today may be considered its core industry, and that is, the automotive.


Having always taken advantage of avant-garde technologies, equipment, and machinery, it managed to grasp the opportunities that came along from time to time, maturing experience in forms, tolerances, and materials that are ever more varied and complex, thus becoming part of everyday life. In 2012, when a third shareholder, Samuele Cavazzoni, joined its ranks, Officina Regina changed name and became Regina Technology, continuing to delve more and more into the automotive industry, however without ever betraying its roots.